Crane Suspended Vibro Hammer SVR 101 NF

Crane Suspended Vibro Hammer SVR 101 NF

OMS — Crane Suspended Vibratory Hammer SVR 101 NF in Egypt

As continuing of our successful  story in Egypt, we managed to manufacture and operate Crane Suspended Vibro Hammer SVR 101 NF for driving casing piles in eastern portsaid. SVR 101 NF with eccentric moment 101.6 kgm and power pack PP 1042 with total output power 1042 hp has managed to  drive 35 m legth casing pile and 2050 mm diameter in record time despite the soil condition in this area, which wons the customer’s trust and establish successfully our first step to be strongly in Egyptian market.


Advantages of SVR 101 NF 

  • High performance,
  • Strong in power which can drive heavy equipment successfully,
  • High eccentric moment and vibration amplitude,
  • Suitable for all different soil and working conditions,
  • Performance of desired power settings and work tracking by the control system,
  • Innovative structure adapting to fast developing technology,
  • Time and cost saving,
  • Powerful, reliable and long life.
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