Excavator Mounted Vibratory Pile Driver is Working on Jobsite

OVR Series Vibratory Pile Driver/Extractor

OVR Series Hydraulic Piling Machines

With ergonomic design and high performance, various capacity OMS Excavator Mounted Vibro Hammers provide long life, problem free piling application. Specially designed OVR Series Pile Driving Hammer are easily adapted to the excavator by connection bracket produced by OMS. They are hydraulically driven by the excavators and easily operated by excavator operator. OVR Series Hydraulic Piling Machines requires not any modification on the excavators. OVR series vibro hammers can be easily used with all types of pile by using the OMS range of hydraulic clamps and provides time and cost saving.

Advantages of OMS Excavator Mounted Vibro Hammers

  • Wide range of products,
  • Fast, reliable and easy excavator connection,
  • Ergonomic design providing practical use,
  • Full safe movement around link yoke,
  • High-performance and driving/extracting power,
  • Minimum vibration transmission to the environment,
  • Double or single clamping the steel tube piles can be driven easily and powerfully,
  • Powerful, reliable and long-life.